InternetTest 5.9.1 Portable

InternetTest 5.9.1 Portable Free Download is a small multi-tool for checking net connection status and more.

Overview Of InternetTest 5.9.1 Portable

You can without difficulty verify if a precise site is down and navigate to it via the Down Detector function. You can also take a look at an IP location in-app by using OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, or Google Maps. It will also grant you a connection history that is displayed on the proper side of the easy interface.

All these actions can be carried out on their manually, but InternetTest businesses them together making them effortlessly accessible except for unnecessary navigation.

InternetTest 5.9.1 Portable is an all-in-one answer for those who like to maintain an eye on the uptime of their preferred websites by manually checking their availability.

Highly intuitive looks

The principal window is neatly organized and it honestly shows you all the features at your disposal.

The application starts Offevolved by analyzing your Internet connection and informs you if there are issues. This can come inaccessible when you want to make some modifications to your network-related settings or replace some hardware and you desire to ensure you do now not break something in the process.

One major drawback is that you cannot agenda InternetTest to regularly take a look at if a certain URL is up and going for walks or not, as you need to manually function the verification every time.

Integrated IP locator: InternetTest 5.9.1 Portable

A very accessible feature of InternetTest is that you can rapidly look for statistics about a specified IP or website, barring you needing to search an online resource each time you need this data. You can even discover details about the area of your own IP.

You can additionally view the info on an online map (a new tab in your default browser is automatically launched), as this can make it a lot easier for you to thoroughly visualize the location of any given IP.

Additionally, you can store the records as a TXT file so you can both analyze them at a later time, or simply share your findings with your colleagues.

To wrap it up

In a nutshell, InternetTest would possibly seem like a tiny little app at first glance, but it packs multiple aspects in a neat GUI, which makes it suitable even for those with little technical skills. It even comes with a dark theme, so it does no longer look out of location on any PC, regardless of the installed theme. You Can Also Download OCCT 10.0.7 Portable (x64)

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